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Dissatisfied with slow execution and value for your budget?


We've faced the challenges of building a high-growth business, achieving sales worth over $34 million with only $50k in initial capital. Along this journey, we've learned two key things: First, big outcomes does not necessarily require a big budget. Second, speed is critical, and it takes a team of tech savvy, creative, resourceful, and passionate individuals to execute on speed.

In aviation, "Flight Level 180" refers to 18,000 feet, the transition altitude, which is when you enter Class A airspace. Ready to enter a class above the ordinary?

What We Do

Connect with us for tech development, marketing systems and growth projects - and you will be surprised by outcomes you achieve when working with people aligned with delivering value. There are no annual commitments, and you can scale-up and scale-down without prohibitive in-house hiring costs or face large mark-ups with vendors who need annual commitments.


Consider us as your co-CEO, CTO/CIO, and CRO, helping you outperform your competition. We work diligently and intelligently, leveraging innovative AI tools and best-in-class processes to build tech, deploy marketing systems and to execute on growth projects, all at a fraction of the time than what you are used to.


Our team is passionate about helping businesses succeed in becoming their client's top choice so they can execute effectively on their business goals and personal ambitions. Whether you are just starting or looking to expand, we are here to help. Get world-class value and speed, leveraging technology and proven marketing systems to power strategy and growth.


Send us the position descriptions or let us know what your biggest hurdles are, and if we can't help we will put you in touch with someone who can with our deep networks.


Bring your vision into reality with rapid, cost-effective development processes to automate processes and remove customer friction. We agument your tech team or take on a larger outsourced role.


You'd have never seen anything come to life this fast.

Marketing Systems

Get results focused go-to-market plan with tech-driven approach, executed using data and ready to deploy systems to accelerate reach and sales - from building systems from the ground up to adding channels and scaling, we got you covered. 

Growth Strategy

There are necessary "basics" required for growth that slow execution. Consider us an extension of your team to build strategy docs, operating plans, financial modeling, HR plans, fund raising artifacts (pitch decks, VC raise due-dilligence and audits)


We build tools to automate processes, remove customer friction and build capabilities. We agument your tech team or take on a larger outsourced role to deliver enormous value.

With a focus on maximizing your return on investment through an iterative results-focused approach, we'll help you launch your product faster. Bring your vision into reality with rapid, cost-effective development processes.

Don't continue to spend money on inefficient manual tasks when you know technology can deliver massive cost savings and eliminate customer friction.

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Marketing Systems

With our streamlined product management and holistic approach, we architect your marketing success and execute using technology to drive results - at an unbeatable value. (some projects in just days!)

We have nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing, outbound sales, media buying and marketing technology stack. Act on data-driven insights to transform any or all parts of your customer journey - from discovery to retention - for extraordinary revenue growth leveraging technology.

Growth Strategy

We work with you to build strategy docs, operating plans, go-to-market, financial models, talent reviews, HR plans and pitch decks - the "basics" that took us over a decade to master in building a 500 person organization.

There are necessary "basics" required for growth that slow execution. Consider us an extension of your team to build operating plans, sales plans and targets, financial modeling, HR plans, fund raising artifacts (pitch decks, briefing, VC due-dilligence, performance audits, valuation, etc.)


We execute proven capital raise strategies and venture capital due diligence prep to fuel your ambition beyond what you imagine possible, from producing fund raising artifacts (pitch decks) to executing on a raise.

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“I was blown away by the outcomes delivered by Flight Level 180. Usually, consultants promise a lot and don't deliver, but this was not the case. The communication was incredible, and the results spoke for themselves. They worked hard to understand the business, created an entire tech stack to make this a massive success - with an enormous amount of experimentation and iterations. The statement "you get more than what you pay for" is an understatement. If they are taking you on as a client, don't hesitate to sign-up now as they are picky as to who they work with, for a good reason as there is a line-up of clients wanting to hire them!.”

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Jason Park

CEO of Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc.

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