Flight Level 180 refers to 18,000 feet, the transition altitude, which is when you enter Class A Airspace. Less drag, more fuel efficiency.

Ready for business outcomes that are a class above?


We harness the inventor's mindset to reimagine business growth.

By blending technology with creative go-to-market strategies, transforming challenges into innovative solutions that drive tangible outcomes.

We've achieved...
inbound leads / year starting from scratch (that's 273 a day, for one business!)
3 Weeks
to build and launch app to the AppStore (world record?!)
increase in tech development output cutting costs by 70% (ask us how)
14 Days
to setup a call center up and running with trained agents

We add instant leadership - thinking holistically, executing with client outcomes in mind.

We've faced the challenges of building a high-growth business, achieving sales worth over $30 million with only $50k in initial capital. Two key learnings: First, big outcomes does not necessarily require a big budget. Second, speed is critical, and it takes a team of tech savvy, creative, resourceful, and passionate individuals to execute on speed.

Recent projects:
Work Process

3 Steps to Creating Outcomes


Vision Alignment

We maintain a selective client roster due to our commitment to excellence. Given our focused approach, we carefully review each potential partnership to ensure our capabilities align perfectly with your visionary goals if we have capacity to take you on at this time.

Plan and Kick-Off

Our team engages in thorough research to collect essential knowledge regarding your sector, target audience, rivals, and ongoing marketing strategies. Armed with unique insights and forming a perspective, first creating alignment, we get to work.

Iterate and Bracket to Outcomes

Achieving optimal outcomes requires more than a well-laid plan; it necessitates a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability. Our approach is grounded in the principles of iteration and bracketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

Consider us as your co-CEO, CTO/CIO, and CRO. We implement innovative AI tools, leverage our trusted vendors and implement proven processes to build tech, deploy marketing systems to execute on growth projects, all at a fraction of the time than what you are used to.

What is your experience?

Very few people have navigated the enormous challenges of bootstrapping and scaling a business in the trenches for over a decade, driving $30+ Million in sales.

We have worked with 10s of advisors and consultants from across North America, and spent years in what would be very different if we only knew what we now know. ​We had to learn to scale the business by trial and error, and succeed despite difficult obstacles in developing our service, building technology, and establishing sales and marketing on a tight budget.

We juggled hiring and expansion across the US and Canada with limited resources, and then raised Series A and B VC investments.​

Our team has also worked for Fortune 50 companies (AmEx, Dell, Goldman Sachs), so we know what we can operate across the spectrum.

So are you a consultant?

Unlike advisors and consultants, we do the heavy lifting alongside you or for you backed by a hard working team we've assembled. If you'd like advisory or consultancy services where you'd like do the implmentation, we do that for select clients who have the in-house execution bandwidth.

Where is your team located?

The main team is in Ontario, Canada and Banagalore, India. We can be at your office in New York, Boston, DC and Philadelphia within a three hour notice. We work with trusted vendors from across the globe.

Can we ask you to stand up a function such as tech or marketing?

We can stand up an entire department to take the overhead out of your business, so that you remain agile and cost-efficient. Or, we can work on a project by project basis.


Leadership Team

Sushee Perumal
Emma Lo

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